Sunday, October 7, 2007

Big rains have ended!

Work: Things are moving along and look forward to tours of the different areas of the library this week. I have started looking into what databases this library can access via the main library as well. Am considering starting a Database Review where we open all the databases and study them. Perhaps we shall do this twice a week and discover the highlights of each resource., just like I started doing at the Univ of Utah Library. I was shown a new office space- in the basement this time -(am in the fourth floor attic right now) but it is not ready as yet.

Other: All of a sudden the rains stopped. October will be windy and dry according to what others have told me. Last week a friend from the wildlife society told me about a flamenco dance performance at the National Theater. The performance was fine and the theater was big and wonderful. It was built during the emperor's regime. Also, found brown bread in nearby supermarkets! The fasting season of Ramadan will end soon and Eid will be a holiday here. Still waiting for them to fix my hot water heater at home.


Leslie said...

Hi Marie--So glad to see you made it safely to Ethiopia and are settling into your job. I look forward to keeping up with your adventures! All is well here in Chicago and I am settling in.


Chris said...

Hi Marie- I tried to send you an email and I received a not in office notice. It also said you would not answer emails until you were back in Utah. Is there an email address we can reach you at?
- Chris