Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Post Ethiopia

Out of Africa~

Hello Everyone,

I am back in Salt Lake City now and am trying to catch up with this blog. Even though I tried very hard to post in 2008, it was very difficult trying to open up this blog.

First was the usual Internet problems & it seemed like beginning in January, everything got worse. Sometimes, we had no Int. connections for 7-20 days at a time. It made work frustrating, of course. Second, we have had more & longer electricity shortages. Next, the gov. there is busy censoring and trying to stop blogs so that was it. I could never actually open my blog to see what I had written last.

This project was more organized and ran better than the other two projects I had in Eth. in other years. It was great being there again even though I like the infrastructure here a bit better!
I am off to some meetings and in about 9 days or so hope to fill in on the second part of my sabbatical time in Eth.